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Pet, 08. Apr, 2013
Kolektiv Penziona Mojca je predan svojemu poslanstvu. Skrbimo za dobro Več...

Prenočišče v Penzionu Mojca

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Vzemite si čas zase in si privoščite počitek, ko ga najbolj potrebujete. Za vas smo pripravili nastanitev v sodobno opremljenih sobah, kjer je za ogrevanje poskrbljeno preko stenskega ogrevanja, kar omogoča maksimalno udobje brez ropota, pihanja ali suhega zraka kar je nadvse pomembno za alergike.

Ko vstopite v sobo, vas toplota nežno objame in v večernih urah zaziblje v rahel spanec. Vaša soba se segreje na delovno temperaturo v 15 minutah, prav tako pa imate možnost zvišati ali znižati temperaturo v sobi za 3 stopinje Celzija.

Ker pa ogrevanja ne potrebujete vedno lahko ogrevanje vsekakor tudi izključite.

Za vse tiste, ki imajo raje nekoliko hladnejšo sobo pa ima ta sistem ogrevanja tudi možnost hlajenja, saj vam bo soba v vročih in soparnih dneh s svojim sistemom razvlaževanja v kombinaciji s prezračevalnim sistemom nudila ravno toliko hladu, da boste lažje in trdneje spali.

Optimalni pogoji za bivanje v prenočišču Penzion Mojca so s sistemom Harreither zagotovljeni
tako poleti kot pozimi.

Vljudno vabljeni v Penzion Mojca!


The All-22: Eli Mannings activity recognition set up Victor Cruzs game-winning TDBy 's last-minute fire to -- the 77-yard touchdown that gave the New York Giants a thrilling 27-23 victory was the primary splash activity of Week 7 and it's all interesting to crash down such plays to find out how they came almost.

No provocative play happens among a vacuum -- not matter how extemporaneous an guilt claims to be at certain times, there's always reams of research that goes into a game plan. What actually makes an guilt go namely while your quarterback namely well-versed in pattern and contrive reads, has sufficient chemistcheap nike jerseysry with his teammates to validate fast conversations about what namely seen in-game, and can process that information within ways that provide obvious gains aboard the field.

We know that Manning is such a quarterback; he's proven that beyond all mistrust And , the Giants' quarterback detailed exact how that activity was set up by things the Redskins' barricade had done among alike situations earlier in the game.

"They were really just doubling Victor. Had one companion inside to take away any inside-breaking path and the safety came down outside to take away any outside-breaking path And the best thing you can dcheap nfl jerseyso for a double-team is just split the two of them. And that's accurate what he did - he equitable ran right through them. And they had played that scope a few times throughout the daytime merely the safety was never that inexpensive He was usually a micro morsel higher, where we could have thrown some out-breaking routes and revise things. Now, he decided to get a micro morsel tighter and tried to take away any outside-breaking routes.

"I'm never sure why,alternatively he wanted to venture to tell a activity or he had a sense - the activity before Victor ran an out path so perhaps he thought we'd come behind with the sawholesale nfl jerseysme discern But this period he got a little aggressive and Vic saw the range and said, 'Hey, there's no one in the middling of the field. I can run through.' I saw the same thing and we were experienced to buffet him within stride and obtain the touchdown."

What set this play up among the end was that the Redskins had shown similar concepts during the Giants' two-minute drill along the half, and there were enough similarities as Manning and Cruz to pick individually the probabilities.

On the 1st activity of the Giants' final first-half drive the Redskins gave a quite alike watch -- nickel coverage with an deep halcheap jerseysf safety and the additional safety dropping back to cover New York's deep passing game. In this instance, Manning completed an 8-yard pass to firm kill Martellus Bennett aboard a fast curl path below linebacker Perry Riley,only the template had been set.

This first-half coverage aspiration set the stage for greater things to come,nba jerseys. (

"Obviously, that's an advantage that we got to have a two-minute drill, so you got to perceive how they played these coverages," Manning said. "You have a feeling you'll escape these plays, how they'll forever turn out versus the alter looks that they brought."
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